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Queues can be considered as a basket of items. A process can "Add Queue Item in Queue" filling it up, and then another process can "Get Queue Item from Queue" in order to process it.

ProcessRobot can offer two ways of Queue Items Handling:

1. Automatic distribution of Queue Items

In this case as long a the Queue has items for processing, a dedicated Process is automatically handling them non stop.

2. Manual Queue Items consuming

In this case the Queue is filled with items, which may be consumed on demand at any point from any process, with no automatic distribution.

The above is also the reason why the "Get Queue Item from Queue" action in the Process Designer has two options a) First Queue Item Of Queue and b) Queue Item that Initiated this Process. You may find more information in the topic "How Queues Work"

Back in the Queue Tab, you can see how many Items your Queues have, the "Queue Name" the "Type" of the Items and whether the "Automatic Distribution" is active or not.

The "Automatic Distribution" will run the Process that is specified in the "Process to Run" option in the Settings > Queues when you created the Queue.

At any point, you can "Resume" or "Pause" a certain Queue. If you Pause a Queue it will no longer fire the dedicated Process regardless of the fact that there are Work Items in the Queue. It will continue running the Process and getting Items from the Queue only once you hit the "Resume" button.