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Remote Control

The Remote Control offers you the ability to access the Desktop of a connected Solobot. You can open that window either:

through the Robots tab or,


in case a Process is executing on a Solobot machine, through the Monitor tab of the ProcessRobot Control Desk.


Generally, the Remote Control window represents a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) session integrated inside the Control Desk, that the Control Desk Users with the corresponding permissions can use to access the machine where a Solobot is installed and check if a Process is being executed correctly in unattended mode.


The menu on the top of the Remote Control window consists of the following options:

  1. Screen. In case the machine has multiple screens, you may choose the desired one.

  2. Speed - Quality bar. You can adjust the bar so as to minimize the window's response time, or improve its resolution, according to your needs.

  3. Send Ctrl+Alt+Del button, so as to unlock the remote machine.

  4. Reconnect to the remote machine, in case the connection to the remote desktop is lost.

The Control Desk Administrator can determine whether a particular Control desk User can View only or View and Control the Robot Screen via mouse and keyboard, according to its Role's Permissions:


The Remote Control window of a User that is allowed to only view the Solobot machine should look like:


Please note that the 'Send Ctrl+Alt+Del' button has been replaced with the 'View Only Mode' notification, as long as that User is not allowed to control the screen.