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Retrieving Work from Enate

To retrieve work from Enate, it is first necessary to create the Enate Instance by using the Login to Enate Action. The credentials of an Enate Robot -not to be confused with a ProcessRobot Robot- with the appropriate permissions will be used to log in.

Having logged in to Enate, the next step is to check whether there is available work to be performed. For this, the Is Work Available on Enate Action is used. This Action requires as Input the Enate Instance created with the Login to Enate Action. It produces an Output Variable that stores a Boolean (true or false) value regarding whether or not there is available work.

If there is available work on Enate, the value of this Output Variable will be "true". A Loop Condition can be used to repeat a set of Actions for as long as the value remains "true".

The first Action in this set will be the Get More Work from Enate Action. This Action produces as Output a Custom Object.

Next, the Get Action from Enate Action will be used to obtain the Enate Action, not to be confused with a ProcessRobot Action. As Input, this Action requires:

  • the Enate Instance

  • the Action GUID (Global Unique Identifier); this GUID is an attribute of the Enate Work Custom Object and can be entered in the format %EnateWork["GUID"]%

This Action produces as Output a Custom Object. This Custom Object has several attributes, some of which are in turn also Custom Objects.

See the Using Enate Actions in Processes article for more details about how these attributes can be used to determine a Process' flow.