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Robot Pools

When you are trying to Run a Process in ProcessRobot, the first thing that you are being asked, is the "Robot Pool" on which the Process will run.

Robot Pools define a group of one or more Robots. Therefore, you can create many Pools that may have one, two, three or any number of Robots you wish.

For example, you know that you have ten Robots for your Support processes. You can create a "Robot Pool" that will have all those 10 Robots and call it "Support Pool".


Now, let's see how you can create a New Robot Pool. Press on the "New Robot Pool" button and the following window will appear:


Here you can give a name to your Pool and then you are able to add Groups to it from the available Groups that you have created in the "Settings > Groups" tab. You can add 0 or more groups to the same Pool.

Then you can add the Robots that you want your new Robot Pool to have. Click on the "Add Robot" option and check the Solobots or Sidebots that you want the Pool to contain.


Now the second tab is the "Security" tab. In this one you can Add Roles to this Pool and allow or deny users of a specific Role to execute processes. Let's say for example that you have a Robot Pool which includes several robots. You want to allow any user that has the "Manager" Role to execute Processes, but deny the execution of Processes on this robot Pool to anyone who is under the "Developer" Role.