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In the Robots tab you can see all the Robots (Sidebots and Solobots) that you have added along further details about them.


If the Robot is connected there will be a green arrow in the "Connected" column, otherwise there will be a red cycle which is indicative of the Robots disconnection.

The type will have the Sidebot "sideboticon.png" or Solobot "soloboticon.png" icon for you to distinguish what kind of Robot is it.

You will also get information about where it is registered at, who it is assigned to, in which Group it belongs to, in which Environment, what is the current Running Process, and what is the total number of Processes Running and Queued.

The Toolbar of this Tab allows you to either Refresh the screen [1] or to Take a Screenshot [2]  for future reference in the press of a button.

If the selected Robot is an already connected Solobot machine, then the Remote Control option [3] will be enabled, that allows you to open the Remote Control window, and access the monitor(s) of the aforementioned machine. Please note that a Control Desk User will have access to either view only, or view and control (by using mouse and keyboard) the Solobot monitor(s), based on her/his User's Role and Permissions.