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In the Roles tab you can create roles and assign them to users. With the Roles you are able to pass permissions to your users as explained below:


The default Role that will be there when you open the Control Desk for the first time is the Administrator.

Please be aware: By default, the first user that will open the Control Desk after the installation is automatically the Administrator.

Then you can add new roles from the "New Role" button. Once you press this you will get a New Role pop-up window and you will be expected to enter the new role's name (developer, manager, guest, etc.) and then you are free to assign permissions to this role.

DO note that if nothing is checked , then the permission is by default "Denied" .

Having that in mind, please check the appropriate boxes in order to allow or deny permissions for specific Components, Processes, Folders, Triggers, Schedules , User Libraries, Robots and Robot Pools.


You can of course edit or delete a role at any point from the relative buttons.