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Run/Stop/Pause a Process from Process Designer

Running a Process in the Process Designer is considered Debugging.

1. You can run a Process by clicking on the Run button runbutton.png.

2. You can execute a Process action by action by clicking on the button next to "Start" executenextactionbutton.png.

3. You can pause a Process while it is running by clicking on the Pause button pausebutton.png.

4. You can stop a Process while it is running by clicking on the Stop button stopbutton.png.


5. You can run a Process choosing the "Run Without Debugger" option. This will run the Process as if it was running on the target robot and not from the Process Designer. The Notification Window will also pop-up, exactly as it happens when a Process is running on the target Robot.


Since Debugging is expected to involve running the program, making a change, running it again, etc, no Logs are recorded when you run the Process from the Process Designer. In the Process Designer Window, you can also see error icons to the left of any Action that has errors "erroricon.png" and therefore cannot be run, and to the right of any property field in the Action Property Dialog Box "blinkingerror.png" to help you pinpoint errors to Debug the Process.

If you want to start running the Process from a specific action: You can right-click on this action and select "Start from Here" on the context menu that will appear. This will start the debugging from the selected action as if it was the first action of the Process, ignoring all actions above it. Please note that this may lead to unexpected results, as the ignored actions will not populate the variables that may be needed by the executed actions. Keep in mind that you will not be able to start running a Process from an action within a Loop, as it makes sense that this would not be applicable to the logic of the script in terms of what we are looping through.