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Attaching a Schedule allows you to set the Process to run on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly basis or on Specific Dates.

Custom Description:

A custom description that you want to set for this schedule. This will just be your own words and it will have no effect on the Process.

Schedule Type:

Once you are on the Schedule Properties, you can choose to have the Process fire Daily, Weekly, Monthly or on Specific Dates. Each choice brings up several other choices, and those must be fully filled in to work. The last Working Day of Month is the last weekday, as a computer doesn't know the local holidays.

If Process is late:

The next choice is what to do if Process is late. You can choose to have the Process run immediately (usually on start-up, and this is a good way to have a Process fire once at the beginning of each day or whenever your computer is turned on), or to skip that firing of the Process.

Schedule Expires on:

Finally, if you choose to have the Schedule Expire, after the date and time you enter, the Schedule will still be there, but will not fire a Process when the Schedule comes up.