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Setting up the ProcessRobot Database

1. Run the SQL Server Management Studio.


2. Connect using the default settings (Windows Authentication).


3. From the object explorer go to Security -> Logins to create a new user for the ProcessRobot server.


4. Create a new user using SQL Server Authentication (a). (For demonstration purposes, we can uncheck the Enforce Password Expiration (b)).


5. Next we will create the database for the ProcessRobot Server. On the object explorer right click on Databases and create a new one.


6. Give a name to the new database and choose as the owner the user we created in the previous steps and press ok.


7. We need to make sure our SQL Server allows both Windows and SQL authentication. We do so by right clicking on the Server -> Properties -> Security and selecting “SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode”.


8. We now need to restart the SQL Server service to make sure our changes take effect.


9. Now we just need to allow the TCP protocol for SQLEXPRESS in the SQL Server Network Configuration. To do so navigate to ‪C:\Windows\SysWOW64 and run SQLServerManager13.msc.


10. After enabling TCP/IP go to SQL Server Services and restart the SQL Server service.


11. Lastly, let’s configure the SQL Browser service to automatically start. Right click on the SQL Server Browser service and select properties. Then from the Service tab select the “Start Mode” and select Automatic start. When you finish press OK.


12. Then right click on the service and start it:


We are now ready to install the ProcessRobot Server. ‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬