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SoloBot Authentication

The first time a SoloBot is launched, the user must login manually, so as to initiate the ProcessRobot SoloBot Service. After this initial step, the SoloBot will be able to Auto Login, as per the credentials entered in Settings > Robots for that particular Robot.

To initiate the first login, the user must right click on the SoloBot icon in the Windows system tray. Then click on 'Login'.


Having chosen to login, the 'Connect to ProcessRobot' window will appear. The user must select the 'Authentication Mode'. This can be either be 'Windows Authentication', or 'ProcessRobot'.

Windows Authentication:

When selecting 'Windows Authentication', ProcessRobot will attempt to connect to the SoloBot based on the Auto Login credentials entered for the specific Robot in Settings > Robots.


ProcessRobot Authentication:

When selecting 'ProcessRobot Authentication', the user must manually enter the machine name they created for this machine as well as the machine key they generated for it in Settings > Machines.


The User can manually logout from the SoloBot in a similar fashion to logging in.