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Standard Control Elements

The Web Console is using three standard control elements in order to assist users on their daily tasks:

1) The Pagination interface,

2) The Search box and

3) The Refresh Button.

1) Controlling Pagination:

You can control the way that your records/data are being displayed in the main Table of each Tab through the the Console's standard Pagination facility.

Let us examine how this interface works through an example using the Scheduler Tab.

In order to arrange your data in pages:

a) Select one of the predefined options on how many Schedules you want to be displayed per page,

b) Have a look at how many entries (Schedules) you currently have and

c) Navigate your way through your data by either moving to the last or first page [c1] or simply the previous or next page [c2]


2) The Search box:

The Search box on the Web Console is filtering your data dynamically (on every key-stroke), applying the input value of your search to all possible data rows and data columns. For example observe how the Search box will filter the table below when we type "none" or "err" on it.

The example below is using data from the Processes Tab:


3) The Refresh button:

There is one important advantage in using the Refresh button over the browser's default reload current page facility.

Hitting the Refresh button will allow you to refresh the information being displayed while keeping in memory your filtering (date range and sorting) options:


The reader should be aware that the Refresh button in the Web Console is designed to replace the (F5) Refresh key that is available throughout the Desktop components of ProcessRobot.