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Structure of Web Console

Let us observe the structure of the Control Desk Web Console as this appears on Internet Explorer 11.6:


wc.png Web Page Title:

Depending on the Web console tab that is currently highlighted, Monitor, Processes, etc, the title of the browser tab will be "Highlighted Tab - Web Console". In case of the screenshot above is "Monitor - Web Console".

ea2.png Accessing your Web Console:

You can access your Web Console via an http request to your computer. After the installation of the "ProcessRobotWebConsoleSetup" executable, just open a browser and type in the address bar "localhost" and a port that is not currently used. The Web version of the Control Desk will appear.

ea3.png The Navicon:

This trigram has become synonymous of the ability to hide or show a menu and this is exactly what it does on the PR Web Console. Clicking on it will expand or collapse (partially) the Vertical Tab menu that allows you to navigate from one Tab to the other, giving you the ability to control the often valuable real estate of your monitor screen.


ea4.png Screen Tab:

This is the viewport that allows you to interact with the Tab of your choice.

ea5.png The Vertical Tab Menu:

This Tab Menu is the backbone of the Web Console, allowing users to navigate from one Tab to the other. It consists of the "Monitor", "Processes", "Robots", "Scheduler" and "Audit" tabs explained to you thoroughly in the following topics.