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Text Actions

The “Text Actions” group includes Actions for managing and handling text. Some of these Actions are used to alter text and change its appearance, such as the “Change Text Case”, “Pad Text” and “Trim Text” Actions. This group also includes Actions that are used for data type conversion, such as the “Convert Text to Number” and “Convert Datetime to Text” Actions. Other Actions can be used to convert a list of text values to a single value and the reverse, generate passwords, as well as find a search term in a text and replace it with another.

Text Actions:

Get Text Length Action

Append Line to Text Action

Get Subtext Action

Pad Text Action

Trim Text Action

Change Text Case Action

Convert Text to Number Action

Convert Number to Text ActionConvert Number to Text Action

Convert Text to DateTime ActionConvert Text to DateTime Action

Convert DateTime to Text ActionConvert DateTime to Text Action

Create Random Text Action

Join Text Action

Split Text Action

Parse Text Action

Replace Text Action

Escape Text for Regular Expression Action