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The Controls Repository pane

The Control Repository is by default placed in the bottom center part of the Process Designer.

It will hold all the controls from UI/Windows and Web Automation actions. All the elements that your Process will access (buttons, elements, items, text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, windows etc.) will be stored in the Controls Repository.


Upon creating a new Process the Repository will, of course, be empty.

To add controls, you should use UI/Windows or Web Automation actions or click on the "Add Control" button.

The Controls Repository pane, has the "Remove Unused Controls" button as well, with which the process identifies if there is an unused control and deletes it.

In the topics Building a WebAutomation Process and UI Automation > UI Elements - Select Controls, you will find a detailed explanation about how to add/manage controls and edit their UI or CSS Selectors.

In some cases, it is necessary to use more than one selector to capture an element. The element is initially identified through the first selector. In case it fails, the second selector will be used to capture the element. You can use the up and down arrows in order to reorder the selectors within the control.

reorder selectors.png

In some web applications, despite the fact that simple html and css is being used, some particular actions cannot be captured using the web helper. In such cases where you can develop your own CSS selectors, you can add an empty root control by clicking on the arrow next to "Add Control" or using the combination of "Ctrl + Shift + R".


Likewise, you can right click on a parent selector, and select to "Add Empty Child Control" or use the combination of "Ctrl + Shift + C" in order to use your custom made CSS selectors.

add empty child controls.png