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The Errors Pane

The Errors pane is combined with the Control Repository, in tabs. In the Process Designer mode, errors are shown here.

The Errors information is split to three columns: Function, Action, Error

Function: The Function Name that contains the action which threw the error.

Action: The Action number in the Function which threw the error.

Error: The error message.

Inner Exception: The Inner Exception of the error

Each Error is also displayed before the corresponding action.

errors pane.png

There are two kinds of errors: Design Time and Run Time errors:

Design Time Errors which are also called configuration errors, are visible in the configuration of the Action or Process and hold the Process from running.

Run Time Errors, or Exceptions are not obvious errors in the design but come up when you run the Process. Run Time Errors will cause the Process to fail unless you plan for it in the Exception Handling Tab of most Actions.For example, you create a Copy File Action. If you leave the File to Copy field blank, that is a problem with the configuration and immediately shows up as a Design Time Error. If you put in a path and the file does not exist when you run the Process, that is a Run Time Error.