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The Notification Popup Window

The Notification Popup Window is the small window that opens in the bottom right corner of the screen when a Process is fired (and for a short time thereafter) from the ProcessRobot Control Desk, a Schedule or Trigger. It will not be displayed when a Process is executed from within the Process Designer, unless the 'Run Without Debugger' option is used.


The Notification Window displays the status of the Process (Running or Completed), which Action is currently being executed, the total running time, and a small link which says "Stop Process" (and stops that instance of this Process only).

You can also display custom messages through the Notification Window, using the Display Notification Action under Message Boxes. This is a great way to write messages to the user without pausing the Process for a standard Message Box. Enter the text (and/or Variable value) you want to display. As you go through the Process, you can change the message with further use of the Display Notification Action, and using an empty message will remove the message you had previously displayed.Additional Notification Windows will pop-up above the previous one, so if you run several Processes simultaneously, the Windows will form a column.

You can close any open Window at any time by clicking on the red (notificationwindowclosebutton.png) button on the top right corner of the Window. This will hide only the Notification Window, while the Process instance will continue to run. To stop the Process itself, click on the "Stop Process" link in the Notification Window.