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Trigger Variables

All Processes have several predefined built-in Variables that contain information according to what Triggered them.

For example, all Triggers will populate %TriggerName% with the name of the Trigger that fired it.

If a Process was executed manually (whether or not it has Triggers attached), the contents of this Variable will be an empty text.

In the same spirit, a Process Trigger will populate %TriggerName%, %ProcessTriggerProcessName%, and %ProcessTriggerEventType% with the name of the Trigger that fired the Process (a Process Trigger), the name of the Process, and the Event that fired it (Launched or Terminated). These Variables will be filled at the beginning of the Process, so you can access them throughout the Process to notify the user.

You can find all Trigger Variables and their descriptions through Tools -> Variables Manager in the Process Designer Window in the Process Studio.