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Triggers tab

In the Triggers tab on the ProcessRobot Control Desk you are able to create and assign Triggers to your Processes.

You can assign a Trigger to a Process by clicking on the "New" option in the Create menu group.How to set a Trigger for a Process


In the Edit menu group you can:

Edit the trigger of a Process: Select the trigger that you want to edit from the Triggers list in the pane below, click on edit and modify it.

Reassign a Trigger to a Process: Select a trigger from the Trigger list pane and then click on the "Reassign" option. This will pop-up a dialog, so that you will choose the Process on which you want to reassign the Trigger.

Copy/Paste/Delete Trigger: Select a trigger from the Trigger list pane and copy/paste it. Once you select the paste option the "Assign Trigger to Process Window" will pop-up, prompting you to select the Process to which you want to Paste the Trigger to. To Delete a Trigger simply select it from the Triggers list pane and click on the delete option.

Select All: This option allows you to select all the triggers in the Trigger list pane.

Go to Process: Clicking on this option, after selecting a Trigger from the Trigger list pane, will take you directly to the Processes tab highlighting the Process.

Collapse All Groups: It will collapse the details of all the Trigger groups in the Trigger list pane.

Enable/Disable Trigger: Click on a Trigger in the Trigger list pane and choose whether you want to Enable or Disable it. By Disabling a Trigger it will no longer fire the Process until you Enable it again. You can also disable a Trigger for a Process if you right click on it and select "Disable Process".

In the Trigger list pane you can see the type of the Triggers, the Description, the Deployment Target, the Execution Target, The Process Name that they are assigned to and if they are Enabled or not.

The Deployment and Execution Targets are explained in the following ​topic​.