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UI and Windows

"UI / Windows" Actions are used to simulate the User's interaction with desktop applications and the overall Windows environment. At the root level, the group contains Actions like "Select Tab in Window" and "Click Element in Window" to perform basic operations in windows. For more specialized operations, the group contains three sub-groups of Actions: "Windows", "Form Filling" and "Data Extraction". The "Windows" sub-group contains Actions to manipulate the window itself, such as "Focus Window" and "Move Window". The "Form Filling" sub-group contains Actions to enter data into and interact with forms, such as "Populate Text Field in Window" and "Press Button in Window". The "Data Extraction" sub-group contains Actions such as "Get Details of Window" and "Get Details of Element in Window" to read specified types of data from a window, like its title or text. The "Extract Data from Window" Action can be configured to read custom data selections from a window.

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UI and Windows Actions:

Use Desktop Action

Select Tab in Window Action

Click Element in Window Action

Select Menu Option in Window Action

Drag and Drop Element in Window Action

Expand / Collapse Tree Node in Window Action


Form Filling

Data Extraction