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UI Elements - Select Controls

The "Select Control from Repository" or "Add Control" in the Control Repository pane, allows you to easily select a desired target control, on any currently open application window. To select a control, there are two options:

1. Click on the "Select Control from Repository" option in the Action's properties.


2. Click "Add Control" in the Controls Repository prior to adding the Action to the Workspace, so the Control will be available to select in the Action's properties:


After selecting to Add a control with either ways mentioned above, you are able to select the element you wish. The Live Helpers (orange boxes circulating the accessible elements) will appear and you can navigate to the window of interest in order to access the element. Once this element is highlighted by the helpers, then simply press "LCtrl+LShift+Left Click" to select the control.


Having done so the ProcessRobot UISpy window will appear with three panes.

1. the tree of the all open applications and their controls, on your machine,

2. the attributes for the element that you are trying to access and

3. a screenshot of the element that you selected to add.


Click on the "Add" button to add the Control to your Repository. The Control Repository pane in your Process Designer will now have the Window and the element.

Should you wish the ProcessRobot UISpy not to be displayed and have the control directly passed into your repository, then instead of "LCtrl+LShift+Left Click" simply use "LCtrl+Left Click" (without the LShift).


You can go on adding more Controls in your Repository, building your Processes with different actions until you have completed your Process.