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Updating the KPI through the Process

In this example, we are going to execute a process that imports information about travel expenses of employees in a multinational company.

Every Year, an excel file as the one shown below, is being imported in a process and according to the records of that excel file, the "TravelExpenses" KPI is being updated.

This process, updates the KPI so that the upper management can have full overview on the travel expenses of their employees.

dashboards excel.png

As shown in the above screen-shot, when the process "Expenses" is being executed, it updates the "TravelExpenses" setting as dimensions the following.

  1. Dimension 1: Name of emplyee

  2. Dimension 2: City of transaction

  3. Dimension 3: DateTime

  4. Dimension 4: Amount

  5. Dimension 5: Category of expense

Automatically, once the Update KPI action is being executed, the following information are also updated on each entry.

  1. Process Name

  2. Robot Name

  3. Environment Name

  4. timestamp