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User Library Designer vs. Process Designer

The User Library Designer (ULD) has been built on top of the Process Designer (PD) and as a result the two interfaces share many design and operational similarities.

For this reason, this article will focus on their differences as these are fewer in number, more critical to know and thus more important to cover and appropriate.

If you feel that you need extra information on features the two interfaces share but are not covered in detail here, you should probably check the Process Designer topic guide.

This is a list of the panes and tabs that work pretty much identically in the two interfaces:

  1. The Functions pane

  2. The Variables pane

  3. The two Interfaces' Main Menus and Main Toolbars

  4. The Controls Repository pane

  5. The Images Repository pane

  6. The Errors Pane

  7. The Environment Drop Down Menu (for setting the value of Global Variables according to the realities/scope of each Environment within a company)

For more info on the differences between the two components please continue reading on the Structure of User Library Designer .