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Using Enate Actions in Processes

The Authentication on Enate and Retrieving Work from Enate articles cover how to log into Enate and retrieve an Enate Action.

Assuming an Enate Action has been retrieved in a Process using the Get Action from Enate Action, the Enate Action will be stored in a Custom Object Output Variable.

The values of the EnateAction Custom Object's attributes can be used to determine how a Process should proceed.

For example, one the attributes of the EnateAction Custom Object is CurrentStep, which is in turn also a Custom Object. One of the attributes of the CurrentStep Custom Object is StepName. The name of the current step in the Enate Action is stored in this attribute.

Assuming the User knows the names of the steps included in the Enate Action, the value of this attribute can be used to further determine the direction of the Process.

For example, an If Action can be used to check whether the current step name is a specific value, such as "Read PO files data". If this condition is true, then a certain set of Actions or Functions can be executed.


Alternatively, if the current step name is any value other than the one specified, such as "Read PO files data", then a different set of Actions or Functions can be executed, using an Else Action.