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Variables Actions

The “Variables” group includes Actions to set, increase and decrease variables. It also includes dedicated Actions that truncate numbers and generate random numbers. Other Actions create and handle lists, such as adding items to a list, sorting, shuffling or reversing lists, removing duplicate items from them, and more. Additionally, this group also includes Actions to create a custom object, add a new property on a given custom object, convert Json to custom object, and the reverse.

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Data Types


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Persistent Variables

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Custom Objects

Variables Actions:

Set Variable Action

Increase Variable Action

Decrease Variable Action

Truncate Number Action

Generate Random Number Action

Get Items Count Action

Create New List Action

Add Item to List Action

Remove Item from List Action

Sort List Action

Shuffle List Action

Merge Lists Action

Reverse List Action

Remove Duplicate Items from List Action

Find Common List Items Action

Subtract Lists Action

Retrieve DataTable Column into List Action

Create New Custom Object Action

Add Property To Custom Object Action

Convert Json to Custom Object Action

Convert Custom Object to Json Action