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Wait for HotKey Action

This action suspends the execution of the Process until a specific HotKey is pressed by the user.

There are cases where you want the Process to pause and continue only when the user says so. For example, a Process may open a number of documents for the user to review and needs to know when the user has completely reviewed each document to open the next one.

This is where the "Wait for HotKey" action can be used. You can specify a HotKey and the Process will continue only when this Hotkey is pressed.


To further elaborate our previous example, let's assume that the user, after reviewing each document, has the choice to either archive it or delete it. In this case it would be convenient for the user to be able to press different hotkeys, and the Process to keep track of the hotkey pressed to interpret the user's intention.


If you specify more than one hotkeys to wait for, the action populates a variable (%PressedHotKey% in the example above) with the ordinal number of the pressed hotkey. In the example above, if the user pressed Control-D the %PressedHotKey% would hold the value 1 while if the user pressed space the %PressedHotKey% variable would hold the value 2. Then you can check for the hotkey pressed by the user as shown below:


Proceed anyway after:

Choose whether the action will proceed anyway whether the period of time, waiting for a hotkey, expires.

Store HotKey Pressed into:

Enter the name of the variable that will hold the ordinal position of the HotKey pressed by the user. If the user presses the second HotKey the variable will hold the value two.