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Wait for Text on Terminal Session Action

This Action waits for a specific text to appear in a terminal session.


Terminal Session:

Enter the Variable containing the previously opened terminal session.

Wait For Text Location:

Specify the location to wait for the text to appear on.

Get Field By:

Specify the way by which to look for the field.

Field Label:

Specify the label of the field to look for.

Field Index:

Specify the index of the field on the screen.

Field Row:

Specify the vertical position of the field on the screen.

Field Column:

Specify the horizontal position of the field on the screen.

Text to Wait for:

Enter the text or the regular expression that you want to wait to appear on the terminal screen or on a specified field.

Regular Expression:

Check this box if you want to wait for a regular expression instead of plain text.


The "Wait for Text" Action waits for specific text on the terminal session. Choose a maximum amount of time that the action will wait.