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Wait for Web Page Content Action

Waits until a specific text or Element appears or disappears from a Web Page.

This action operates on a Web Page that has been previously opened by a "Launch New Internet Explorer" action. The latter stores the Web browser instance into a variable. This action accepts this variable and waits until the page is currently displayed in that Web Browser Instance contains or does not contain a specific element or text.

Option 1: Wait for Web Element (Contained/Not Contained in Page)


Option 2: Wait for Text (Exists/Does not Exist)


This option waits until the specifies text appears or disappears from the Web page.


Web Browser Instance:

Enter the variable that contains the Web Browser Instance you want to work with. This must be a variable defined by a preceding "Launch New Internet Explorer" action.

Wait for Web Page to:

Specify whether you want to wait for an HTML element or a specific text.

Text to Wait for:

Enter text you want to wait for.

Fail On Timeout:

Choose whether the action will throw an exception after a set timeout of waiting. Then go to the Exception Handling tab to specify how the Exception will be handled, otherwise the Process will stop and issue an error message.