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Wait for Window Content Action

Waits until a specific text or Element appears or disappears from a Window.

This action operates on a UI Automation Window Instance that has been previously acquired by a "Get Window" action. The latter stores the Window instance into a variable. This action accepts this variable and waits until the supplied Window Instance contains or does not contain a specific text or Element.

Option 1: Wait for UI Element (Contained/Not Contained in Window)


Option 2: Wait for Text (Exists/Does not Exist)


This option waits until the specifies text appears or disappears from the Window Contents.


Window Instance:

Enter the variable that contains the parent Window Instance of the Element or text you are waiting for. This must be a variable defined by a preceding “Get Window” action or a valid Window Handle.

Wait Till Window:

Specify whether you want to wait for a UI element or a specific text.

Wait for Element to Become:

This property allows you to wait until the target element is present and in a specific state (Enabled or Disabled). The Wait statement will only stop waiting when the target element is both present and in the required state, if this property is checked.

Text to Wait for:

Enter text you want to wait for.

Description for Element:

Enter a short description for the Window Element you want to wait for. This is optional, meant for documentation purposes and when possible it is auto-populated along with the "UI Selector" property, during the UI Element Live Selection.

UI Selector of Element:

Enter the UI Selector of the Window Element you want to check for. You do not need to manually enter a value here; this field will be populated automatically when you select an element on any Window, by right-clicking on it while having the action's properties dialog open.

Fail On Timeout:

Choose whether the action will throw an exception after a set timeout of waiting. Then go to the Exception Handling tab to specify how the Exception will be handled, otherwise the Process will stop and issue an error message.