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Why Use User Libraries?

User Libraries allow you to significantly optimize your work flow and share your work with anyone you want through a number of options.

>>You can think of User Libraries as special Folders containing custom made Actions.

These will be available to you, or any other user that shares your PR installation, through the Actions pane of the Process Designer but you can also import/export User Libraries from other installations.

The idea behind User Actions is to minimize duplication while giving you the opportunity to produce much more readable and easy to maintain Processes.

If you:

  1. Have been writing repeatedly the same blocks of Actions from Process to Process,

  2. Wanted to be able to share readily a smart sequence of Actions with colleagues or the Process Robot community,

  3. Have been wishing that you could easily incorporate your colleagues’ work on your scripts

...Then User Libraries are for you!

The concept of User Libraries is aligned with the following programming principles:

It is also designed to enable partnership and script exchanges within the Process Robot Community, facilitating the swap of code components.