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Α leading enterprise RPA platform, including enterprise grade security and controls, with links to best-of-breed AI technologies.

ProcessRobot empowers enterprises to dramatically reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, improve productivity and accelerate performance.

Powerful RPA

Improve productivity of your business leveraging special features like Multitasker, Process Recorder, Remote Viewer, and integration with best-in-class AI tools.

Intuitive and Scalable

Designed for unparalleled ease of use, ease of transition and seamless scalability. Spend less time setting things up and more time making things happen.


Make use of the enterprise-grade security and 4 levels controls and rest assured that your automation actually works.

Best-time-to value

Server-based software without the project risk and high up-front cost. RPA technology that is quick to deploy, easy to use and provides best value for money.


Accelerate performance with less resources

Automate routine operations across your entire organization and unleash your potential. Organize structured workflows and enjoy better data quality eliminating human error and focusing on higher priority, value-added initiatives. Say goodbye to costly implementations and do more things in less time.

Cost Reductions

With automation of repetitive manual processes, administrative costs are significantly reduced and the need for back-office resources is eliminated.


Speed up your processes with Software Robots that are 5 times faster and improve production quality with error free operations.


ProcessRobot works around the clock 24/7/365, freeing up your time. Put your work on autopilot Focus on value-add activities that enable you to go above and beyond customer expectations.


From start to finish, ProcessRobot achieves more with less amount of resources consumed, freeing up skilled employees and dramatically increasing enterprise efficiency.


Automate with ease

  • ProcessRobot simplifies all stages of creating automations, from design to production.
  • Visual Process Designer with intuitive drag and drop functionality makes it easy to use and develop processes
  • Code free components to run and manage automations enabling effortless collaboration between all business stakeholders.
  • Orchestrate your virtual workforce with minimal technical abilities.

Best-of-Breed Technology

  • ProcessRobot automate any process, no matter what type of application and underlying technology is involved.
  • Support for Java, HTML5, Microsoft, .NET, Silverlight, WPF, Citrix and all major web browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome).
  • Dedicated “Terminal Emulation” actions
  • ProcessRobot supports multiple OCR engines, Microsoft MODI, Google Tesseract, and ABBYY Flexicapture that enable processes to read text from the screen, or PDFs.
  • Integration with the major Cognitive services, provided by Microsoft, Google and IBM Watson

Development and Maintenance

  • Intelligent Desktop and Web Recorders convert any user interaction to processes for fast prototyping.
  • A vast collection of ready-made built-in actions for over 300+ interactions with any application.
  • “User Libraries” store user-generated custom actions that can be reused in multiple processes.
  • Advanced Editing Tools & Debugger that leverage centralized editing and enhance reusability without interrupting your workflow.

Best time to value

  • ProcessRobot is easy to deploy and intuitive to use, ensuring a quick and economical setup.
  • Support ANY deployment architecture possible including on-premises, public cloud (AWS, Azure, Google), private cloud, or on any hybrid combination.
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery deployments ensure maximum possible uptime, horizontal scaling and business continuity.

Operational Performance & Productivity

  • Multitasker enables execution of any number of processes with full utilization of robots and the hardware infrastructure they run on.
  • Orchestrate multi-processing and achieve optimum performance through Advanced Synchronization.
  • Support any automation scenario: Unattended or Attended mode, through SoloBots and SideBots.
  • Self-reliant RPA with auto-login functionality.
  • User-assisting RPA programmed for collaboration.

Enterprise-grade security

  • Seamless integration with Active Directory allows for enterprise user management.
  • Advanced security features such as Kerberos authentication and single sign on (SSO).
  • Centrally managed encrypted store for storing and managing the credentials.
  • Role-based granular permissions and Access Control throughout the platform.
  • Object-level access for additional security and control.
  • Support for AES 256bit (data at rest) and TLS1.2 (data in motion) encryption protocols.

Reliable automation & risk control

  • ProcessRobot is able to deal with any unexpected situation with 4 level exception handling (action, block, process and global)
  • Reduced risk and editing effort in case of application changes, through centralized controls repository
  • Exception Video Recorder facilitates the troubleshooting procedure by taking video and screenshots upon exception occurrence.
  • Change Management

Link Performance to Automation

  • ProcessRobot gives business professionals access to performance analytics and real-time progress of organizational goals.
  • Detailed Auditing/Logging
  • Integration with 3rd party Logging systems such as Elastic Search and Kibana
  • Detailed Reporting of all activities performed by robots
  • Custom KPIs of any data tracked along any robotic automation activity
  • ROI Calculator

RPA Governance

  • ProcessRobot reduces organizational costs by achieving great levels of process standardization and control, particularly important for regulated industries.
  • Built-in Process Lifecycle Management enhances collaboration over process lifecycle and deployment across Development, Review, Production
  • Version Control enables users to track and compare different process versions, review changes and revert to previous ones as needed.
  • Distribute workload through Queues supporting SLAs and distinct priority levels,
  • Remote Viewer enables users to remotely connect, view and manage status and performance of Solobots (unattended robots).

Diploma in RPA
The Diploma on ProcessRobot is provided by Softomotive to certified partners, clients and developers as a credential that validates professionals have the necessary expertise to utilize ProcessRobot, the enterprise RPA software to automate processes that drive operational effectiveness.