ProcessRobot Diploma

Robotic Process Automation is becoming a driving force in the digital transformation of enterprises. Skilled professionals, like consultants and developers, who can implement automated processes and scale RPA projects are highly demanded.
The Diploma on ProcessRobot is provided by Softomotive to certified partners, clients and developers as a credential to professionals with the necessary expertise to utilize ProcessRobot, the enterprise RPA software to automate processes that drive operational effectiveness.

Professionals can get the Diploma on ProcessRobot by successfully completing the on-demand examination.

The examination for the ProcessRobot Diploma is ideal for Professionals who have
a) Attended Softomotive’s Training, or
b) Hands-on experience with ProcessRobot software

To begin, you will need to enter an Examinee ID as provided by Softomotive.
To obtain your Examinee ID or for training related question, contact

For other inquiries, please use the contact form.

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