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Non-techie KPMG Tax employees are using RPA

Haunani Nakabara, Senior Manager of Tax at KPMG, has been using WinAutomation with her team for three years now. Taking on the initiative to automate non-value added tasks that employees were regularly doing, WinAutomation has helped KPMG reduce their repetitive tasks leaving more time for human-driven duties.

KPMG chose WinAutomation because the platform allows non-developers to get the job done. WinAutomation’s software facilitates automation with a simple and effective workflow, easy to use process, and instant support. By utilizing automation for processes that are predictable, standard, and necessary, KPMG’s tax team removed human-error and reduced risk with WinAutomation’s desktop automation.

Watch above to hear Haunani explain how WinAutomation is optimally utilized by the KPMG tax team and see her break down how automation has optimized her own workflow.