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Press 14/01/2019

London, January 14, 2019 – According to Softomotive, a leading RPA provider, although MSBs in the United States are more conservative than their counterparts in other parts of the world when it comes to implementing RPA, adoption is still robust. Almost half (46%) of MSBs in the United States surveyed in Softomotive’s RPA Solutions for Growth Companies study have implemented RPA in their business or scaled it across multiple parts of the organization. 50% of MSBs in the United States surveyed are investigating or have already tried RPA on a small scale.

RPA Usage among MSBs in the United States, 2018

Several functions within these organizations are realizing tangible benefits from RPA.  RPA usage is strongest within Business Operations (70% of US MSBs) and IT / Technology (68%). However, more than half of MSBs in the US are also using RPA within Finance / Accounting, Procurement and HR.

Because of the benefits they are observing, the vast majority (94%) of MSBs in the US plan to use RPA “much more” or “a little more” in the next two years. Not a single company interviewed stated that they planned to use RPA less in the coming years.

In the United States, MSBs prefer a hybrid approach when it comes to the installation of RPA software.  47% of companies interviewed are installing RPA software on employee computer terminals as well as on company server(s). US companies also seem to be more comfortable than their international peers when it comes to using the cloud, with three- quarters of companies surveyed accessing RPA through the cloud.

Share of MSBs Realizing Each Benefit as a Resul of Usin RPA, United States, 2018


The benefits these MSBs are realizing through RPA are encouraging.

The top three benefits of using RPA cited include:

  • Improved productivity,
  • Better accuracy (i.e., reducing human error), and
  • Lower operating costs.


Although any one of these benefits alone is often enough reason for MSBs to begin leveraging RPA, most are realizing multiple benefits.

When looking ahead, MSBs in the US cite reducing the time it takes to execute certain activities, improved data security and improved productivity as the most important factors driving future adoption of RPA solutions.

MSBs do face some challenges when implementing RPA. MSBs in the United States are most concerned about data security and service reliability when implementing an RPA solution.

To learn more about the US study, download the whitepaper.




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