Blog 16/10/2017

The first 2 of RPA Connect: Road Trip in India meetup series, have been marked as a success. During these one-day workshops, Balaji Hariharan, Managing Director, Softomotive India and Madan Upadhyay, RPA Coach met with a group of automation practitioners and RPA experts from Banking, Shared Services, BPOs and other industries.

RPA was laid on the table for examination. Robotic automation was analyzed with a hands-on reality check approach, no exaggerations or false promises were made, but actual business cases and real life questions were discussed.

Topics that dominated the discussion:

  • Why RPA is a must – why is disrupting the current way of working today imperative?
  • How RPA creates new jobs
  • What are the differences between RPA, Machine Learning, Cognitive and AI
  • RPA value chain in Shared Service Centers and BPOs – how it is leveraged for internal automation purposes and the huge ROI
  • Why and how was RPA successful in the following use cases:
  • Extracting data from desktop and web applications – Telecommunications Industry
  • Account Opening – Banking Organization
  • How automating employee on-boarding process reduced the workload from 7 days to 2 hours – IT Company
  • How automation of standard high volume transactions reduced time spent from 5 to 3 minutes for every transaction – Banking Organization

Our next Meetup is scheduled for November 11th, in Bangalore. Register today – seats are limited and will be granted on a first-come-first-served basis.

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