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Blog 25/08/2016

Softomotive discusses with PEX Network the Future of Operational Excellence, what will business processes look like in 2025, and the role of Robotic Process Automation.

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Marios Stavropoulos, CEO of Softomotive, one of the leading Robotic Process Automation providers worldwide, is being interviewed by Diana Davis, Senior Editor at PEX Network, in the context of PEX annual Operational Excellence research report.

Research findings dictate that businesses need to transform the way they operate in order to survive the shifting market dynamics in the coming years, and robotics are predicted to be a key enabler for these new ways of working.

“New technologies such as AI and RPA, will radically transform business operations over the next decade,” says Diana Davis, Senior Editor at PEX Network and author of the report. “To truly harness these technologies companies will need to focus on doing things in better, faster, simpler and easier ways. That means that the successful businesses of the future will manage their processes as strategic assets. What you do and how you do it is next decade’s competitive advantage.”

“There are so many benefits that organizations gain by adopting robotic automation, that the true ROI ends up exceeding the initial expectations.” says Marios Stavropoulos, CEO of Softomotive.

According to the interview, cost reduction is the most obvious benefit from RPA adoption, especially today, that outsourcing has started becoming less cost effective. But there is more to that. Delivery speed combined with error reduction, results in improved customer experience and increased quality of service. Detailed auditing allows for greater transparency helping businesses with regulatory compliance procedures. Organizations become more agile, and can scale up rapidly in order to deal with a continually changing workload, meet new demands and handle production peaks efficiently.

“What we expect to see soon is robots to acquire ‘common sense’, in order to be able to handle complex exception scenarios and make judgement calls, that can now be handled only by humans.” Marios says. “Softomotive is currently investing in the idea of providing a virtual, elastic, cloud-based robotic workforce to their customers. This innovative approach will allow organizations to meet short-term changes in production needs effortlessly, without extra recruiting or training – just by accessing an on-demand, elastic robotic workforce in the cloud, with minimal or no up-front investment.”

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