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Softomotive Invests in AI Conversation in India: How can AI enhance humanities’ ability to work

Blog 09/10/2017

On Thursday, October 12th, at 16.45 PM, do not miss the Panel Discussion on Education of AI as part of The AIR Summit in Hyderabad, India.

This discussion will shed tremendous insight in the field of AI in business, with an expert set of panelists coming from diverse technology and innovation backgrounds:

  • Beena Ammanath, Global VP – Data, Artificial Intelligence and New Tech Incubation, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and also Founder & CEO, Humans For AI
  • Ashwin Srisailam, Co Founder & CEO, Ahhaa, Inc.
  • Balaji Hariharan, Managing Director, Softomotive India and
  • Rishi Kapal, Global Strategist and CEO, EDUGILD

The discussion will focus on:

  • Going beyond the human creation to truly brilliant AI
  • Human overseers as AI educators
  • AI and Robotics in Edtech
  • How can AI enhance – rather than replace – humanities’ ability to work?
  • How can Machine Learning aid in teaching AI?

The AIR Summit is expected to welcome more than 2.000 delegates this year. Among them, attendees will be able to meet eminent speakers that will speak about the technologies of the future, covering the entire AI, ioT & Robotics ecosystem.

Learn more about the event here.

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