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News 15/07/2019

LONDON, July 15th, 2019 – Softomotive, a leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) vendor, today launched a new study which highlights the business value of engaging employees early on in automation processes.


The Softomotive People1st Employee Study 2019, conducted in partnership with KS&R, Inc., a global market research and consulting firm, questioned over 1,200 employees in the US, UK, and India. The study gives in-depth insights into their involvement in RPA processes, the concerns they have and how organizations should address them.

Among the findings in this extensive study:

  • 37% of employees’ time in an average week is spent on activities that don’t contribute significant value to the business
  • 75% are interested in using RPA, or using it more than they do today
  • 77% want at least a little input into decisions about how and where RPA should be leveraged
  • Only 25% of employees feel they are “very well prepared” for more automation at work.


“We found that employees definitely want to be more than just passive spectators in RPA processes,” said Bob Weare, Softomotive’s Chief Marketing Officer, “At the end of the day, it is end-users, or citizen developers, who have the best understanding of how to accelerate process automation for better business outcomes. Logically, it makes sense that they should be part of any RPA project right from the start.”

Softomotive’s People1st Approach for RPA is a totally new way to deploy RPA by putting the power in the hands of end-users. It ensures that employees are properly equipped with the full support and collaboration of the IT function to automate what they want, when they want, within pre-defined boundaries.


Softomotive is one of the leading worldwide providers of RPA solutions, including:


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Survey methodology

From March 21 – April 12, 2019, Softomotive conducted online survey interviews with 1,210 employed persons working in companies with at least 5,000 employees across three countries – US, United Kingdom, and India. Participants had to work 35 or more hours per week in a non-manual labor job. KS&R, Inc., a global market research firm, was contracted to administer and manage the research.