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struggling with Business Justification for Small RPA Projects
Blog 14/12/2018

As RPA becomes more mature and powerful, businesses of all sizes are looking to take advantage of its potential to increase productivity and grow the business without adding headcount. However, there is a significant amount of confusion around RPA, what it can actually do and the perceived complexity that surrounds it. This can create artificially high barriers to entry for some companies.

Many have misconceptions about the high costs of RPA software, thinking that skilled consultants and infrastructure are needed to support it. This perpetuates the idea that only large RPA projects can deliver the ROI necessary to justify the project. Because of this, many smaller RPA projects are not getting off the ground and major opportunities are being missed.

In reality, the need for upfront investment can be minimal in new RPA implementations. Companies simply need to adopt a more pragmatic approach and start small, learn quickly and scale seamlessly. This approach will allow them to gain quick automation wins and justify larger deployments later.


Adopting a Pragmatic Approach to RPA

 Small RPA projects can help companies learn how RPA can be used effectively before scaling. Once these projects gain traction, companies can then make the business case to grow the implementation. By analyzing the performance of low-risk projects, identifying problem areas and iterating existing solutions, companies will be much better prepared to develop an enterprise-wide RPA strategy.

However, it is important that companies partner with vendors that are able to fully support the needs of their RPA journey. By working with a trusted name in the industry that can meet the unique needs of the company, the RPA implementation team can work towards a comprehensive implementation that is integrated and effective.


Ask if the vendor offers:

A Starter Kit – A desktop or server-based RPA solution starter-kit that is priced fairly can help enterprises get started with automation quickly and painlessly.

Concurrency or more simply “Multitasking” – Many vendors only offer solutions with sequential processing. This is a major limiting factor, particularly for small-scale deployments. The ability to run multiple tasks at the same time is critical to cost-effective RPA.  By working on multiple business processes with a single robot, companies can perform more tasks, lower costs and boost ROI with a relatively modest implementation.

Flexible Pricing – The ability to choose between perpetual licenses and annual subscriptions allows companies to make decisions that fit their needs. Although annual pricing can offer companies the ability to get started in RPA with minimal investment, up-front perpetual pricing can significantly increase ROI over time.

No or Low Code – Companies shouldn’t have to invest significant time and resources into adapting a solution to fit their needs. RPA should be easy to use and accessible to everyone, without the need for massive coding and its related financial costs.


How Softomotive Can Help

Softomotive provides the smoothest RPA journey by allowing you to start small, learn quickly and scale seamlessly. This helps to reduce overall project risk and avoids high up-front costs which can make achieving a positive ROI that much harder.

Softomotive recognises that one size does not fit all. We are the only provider of process automation technology to offer a portfolio of solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals, small teams, growth companies and large enterprises. Both attended and unattended process automation solutions, which share the same underlying automation engine for seamless transition, are delivered through powerful, robust RPA technology. These range from desktop installation to server-based software which is quick to deploy, easy to use and provides the best value for money.


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